What is Sigmage? Mission & Vision

Have you ever wondered why American cars are more expensive than Japanese cars like Toyota? Some of you might be thinking that it is evident because of safety features and durable metal with pro design. No, it’s not. A month ago, I had the same thoughts until a quality professional shocked me with this theory of total quality management. American cars are expensive not because of safety and design stuff; they are costly than Toyota because they cannot afford to produce premium quality like Toyota with same conditions. Even American cars are not reliable as much as Toyota. This theory ignited my curiosity like a rocket engine. And I ended up taking quality engineering management program at a Canadian college. And my mind started nurturing Sigmage.

Does this theory make sense to you? I mean, why some products are not reliable and qualitative but way more expensive than the products with high reliability and quality. Or little better in quality but still expensive. Customers want more decent products and companies have the hard time producing premium quality at the same price, so they are forced to raise the price. And the government is obliged to raise the minimum wage to keep citizens happy so that they can buy those products. What a trap is this?

Then I have decided to come up with the idea of Sigmage, to spread awareness in industries with quality engineering management applications like Six Sigma.

What is Sigmage

What is Sigmage?

Mission and Vision of Sigmage

The vision of Sigmage is to provide world-class service and knowledge to companies for cutting down their operating costs and producing premium quality products at same or cheaper price. The mission statement of Sigmage will revolve around the awareness of six sigma and quality engineering management for both manufacturing and service sector based companies.

The idea behind the name Sigmage

As we all concerned about the growing world population. It is becoming harder and harder for companies to achieve production targets. Two three decades ago, the conditions were different. Enterprises were more concerned about the innovations and technology rather than meeting manufacturing goals. So, the current time can consider as sigma age where companies need to implement advance quality techniques for producing excellent quality products at an optimum price. It explains the idea behind the name Sigmage.

What made me start this site?

I got the inspiration from a quote by an Indian teacher,’more you share more you learn”. Then I have decided to build an online community for quality enthusiasts and provide a learning platform for those who want to learn. Moreover, I’ll get a chance to come in touch other passionate quality engineers.

Person behind Sigmage

Sajan Gaba

Sajan Gaba

My name is Sajan Gaba. I am passionate about six sigma and quality engineering management. A quality engineer by profession, green-belt certified in six-sigma and studied mechanical and quality engineering for six years. I live in Toronto, Canada. If you have any questions related to this site or quality engineering, please feel free to ask by filling this contact form. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Stay connected with me on my social networks.

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